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Looking for some science fiction / futuristic erotic romance books? Then look no further. Click on the books to view excerpts, read book info, and more! Books are listed by series.

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Ecstasy Overload

Free short story

Free futuristic erotica bookThe deadliest soldier is on a mission to bring back one woman. A woman he shouldn’t touch, but can’t resist. Terrence Jharvic is trained in a thousand ways to kill a person. But nothing has prepared him for Lace Regan. Her body sets him on fire, and her fiery attitude has him craving more.

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Publication Date: June 2011

Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Erotica

Length: Short Story ~12k words


Capturing Jeron

Capturing Jeron by T. A. Grey

Bounty hunting isn’t just a job—it’s a lifestyle.

Mina “the mean” takes the case to bring in the infamous space captain, Jeron Krutchner, never thinking she’ll lose her heart in the process. After a wickedly hot encounter, Mina captures the dangerous captain and brings him aboard her ship.

Trouble begins when Mina awakens to find her captor on top of her. He has turned the tables on her and now she is a prisoner on her own ship. Using her own erotic pleasures against her, Jeron slowly breaks down her defenses until her body craves his touch like her next breath. Though, when she fears she starts to lose her heart to the sexy space captain, Mina does the only thing she can think to and runs. Now Jeron is on a mission. A mission to get what is his back. He will stop at nothing, and once he finds her, he will exact delicious, erotic punishments until she begs for mercy.



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