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Bonds of Fire

The Bellum Sisters - Book 2

by T.A. Grey

Bonds of Fire by T. A. Grey Best selling paranormal romance at All Romance eBooks

Three Fates. Three Sisters.

Hotheaded succubus Willow Bellum doesn’t take kindly to being given to the Alpha of the shapeshifters. When the will from her dead father puts Willow under the Alpha’s protection, she runs. Yet no matter how hard or fast she runs, he always seems to catch her. And with each stolen moment together, Willow finds herself relenting to his quick smile and passionate kisses more and more.

When the Alpha finally captures his feisty succubus, he proceeds with a full-on seduction meant to weaken her defenses. Alpha Lyonis Keelan hasn’t made his way to position of Alpha lightly and Willow’s defiance to his touch only makes him more determined to win her. Because whether she wants it or not, Willow is his mate and he plans to keep her no matter what.

As their love struggles to take hold, an ancient demon stalks Willow. Unable to rest until it sees her dead, Willow and Lyonis must stand together or risk losing everything.



  • Series: Book 2 in The Bellum Sisters Series
  • Publication Date: January 31, 2012
  • Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  • Length: Novel ~98,000 words


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"Bonds of Fire is, as I previously mentioned, the second book in the trilogy of the Bellum sisters. It is aBonds of Fire by T. A. Grey wonderful story, moving fast and never stopping for anything. It ties in beautifully to the previous book, with the stories blending with each other, and working together to build the third novel, which is forthcoming. Romance lovers everywhere will adore this book (and the series) as much as I have." 4.5/5 stars! Night Owl Top Pick!


"This was a revelation! I instantly fell in love with the whole story and particularly with the characters. I found everything I love in a PNR story with the Bellum Sisters series."




Willow knew he was close. God dammit. He couldn’t be on to her so soon. How did he track her so easily? She was supposed to be leaving a trail away from her not to her dammit.

He couldn’t be here now when she was so...needy. This new succubus lifestyle was not suiting her well. The sex they’d had before, no she couldn’t call it sex. He’d just taken her, used her. She just happened to get a mind-numbing orgasm out of it. Oh, who was she kidding. She’d loved it. Had never, ever felt anything even close to that when she pleasured herself at night, let alone the one time she’d had sex before.

The fact that he’d come inside her had her taking a long, hot shower after she fled from him. For a while she’d lost him, was certain of it. Now as she neared the small German hotel she was going to stay the night in, she sensed he was near.

The problem with trying to find a shapeshifter was that he could be in the form of a bird or a...guinea pig or something, and she’d never notice him. It was dark and she was somewhere on the outskirts of Leipzig, Germany on the east side.

She eyed the trees outside of town but didn’t see anything strange. Though now it wasn’t just a shapeshifter she was on the lookout for, but a monster that somehow knew her name.

She’d found the small bed-and-breakfast style hotel thanks to a local she asked at the train station. She looked forward to a hot shower and a clean, comfortable bed with stark longing. She would give up for favorite snow globes, her most precious ones left to her by her father, if only she could have a peaceful night. Alone. Without worry of monster demons or an Alpha chasing her.

The new moon was over and the new sliver of silver taunted her, laughed at her. It pointed bony fingers at her and all she could do was wallow in the constant needy tension reverberating throughout her body. What had he done to her? She was starved. Hadn’t been “fed” since he took her two days ago.

Already she was feeling the effects of it. First she thought she was just tired, but even after getting sleep, she realized she was just fatigued. Her body was shutting down slowly but surely.

Willow’d had sex once before. Succubi generally didn’t experience sex before they reached the age of sexual maturity at 29 because it was a known fact that they could not orgasm before then. Her boyfriend, David, a dominant shapeshifter hadn’t noticed or cared one way or the other if she orgasmed.

She wasn’t bitter or angry about it. It was a long time ago. Though she hated him with a fierce passion, she couldn’t be angry at what had ultimately been her decision.

But to know that the only other man who’d felt that intimate part of her body was a damned dominating Alpha shapeshifter, the epitome of the kind of men she loathed...made her want to slam her head into a brick wall.

A pebble rustled behind her. Willow spun around in a second. He was there. Every tall, muscled inch of him. His hand grabbed her throat, not in a threat but in a dominating gesture that probably made lesser women swoon. Good thing she wasn’t one of them. She wasn’t some submissive bitch from his pack. His hand was warm and gentle, stroking the skin at her neck.

“Let go of me you bastard.” His hair was just thick enough for her to grip in her hands, not that she ever would do that. It was a sandy blond color, somewhere between a light brown and dark blonde. “How did you catch me so soon?”

She realized that he looked angry and disheveled as if he’d been in a rush. His clothes were the same ones he’d worn when she last saw him. His shirt was wrinkled and several buttons were missing from it. He looked like a hot mess.

She couldn’t help it; she threw back her head and laughed at him. Before she could blink, his mouth came down hard on hers. She struggled, turned her face away, breathing hard. The lingering heat of his lips was already seared into her skin, her mind. Her body heated even more, remembering his touch from before.

He pulled her in close and she shivered at the hot press of his lips against her throat. His fingers caressed her skin, then wrapped around her back to curl against the nape of her neck. She was overwhelmed with his scent, couldn’t help but inhale the rich, animal scent of him into her lungs.

His tongue licked a rough path from her shoulder to the back of her neck like he was tasting her. Yet she wasn’t revolted in the least. Quite the opposite in fact. The fire that had been raging inside her ever since she met him, ever since she left him, was now having gasoline thrown on top of it--by the gallon.