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The Fallen King

The Bellum Sisters - Book 4

by T.A. Grey

The Fallen King Paranormal Romance Book Indie Romance Convention

The Fallen King can be read as a standalone novel but the world and characters would be better understood if you've read the Bellum Sisters Series first. Learn more about the Bellum Sisters Series.

Life couldn't have possibly gotten worse for the demon king Alrik. But it did. He lost the love of his life. Days spent clouded in black and gray were brightened only with the lovely Arianna near. Her light kept the darkness at bay if only for a few moments.

And now she's gone leaving him alone. Now he has nobody. But he has purpose.

A purpose—steely determination—for revenge against the one who cursed him. His mother. She's out there in the rift, gathering forces, for what, he's unsure.

A mere human witch by the name Abbigail Krenshaw is the key to saving himself and killing his mother—or so a little old seer tells him under sword point. Small, fragile, and breakable Abbigail almost reminds him of his lost love, yet she's different. Strong, charming, always pushing him in ways that Arianna wouldn’t dare. He can feel her worming her way into his battered, blackened heart and can't decide whether he wants to close her inside forever, or lock her out.

He needs Abbigail. He needs the human witch to sacrifice herself in order to save his tortured soul. He's more than willing to sacrifice her for his purpose, but the more he's around her the more difficult it becomes to uphold the decision. Can he really use her to save himself and let her die? His heart screams no but his mind says yes.



  • Series: The Bellum Sisters #4 - a continuation novel
  • Publication Date: December 28, 2012
  • Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  • Length: Novel ~84,000k words



"The Fallen King is a perfect addition to an already perfect series of extraordinary novels. It will bring old readers back and draw new readers in, and introduce them to a gorgeous world of love and hate, seduction and betrayal. I have yet to find a series I have enjoyed reading as much as these books."

~Night Owl Reviews


"The Fallen King"--book 4 of "The Bellum Sisters Trilogy"--is a dark, sexy, and seductive continuation of the Bellum's story in a dangerous paranormal world.  Not only does Grey add a host of intriguing new male and female characters, but she revisits each and every beloved character from previous storylines.  Grey's world in "The Fallen King" is enchanting, fantastical, and mesmerizing.  Her writing style and attention to detail grabs the reader from the very beginning and never lets go.  Grey's exceptional character development and emotional depth demonstrate her tremendous growth as a writer.  Grey has hit the mark with "The Fallen King"..." Copyright 2012 by Amber L. Barr


" epic adventure of love and determination that will leave you swearing, crying and cheering all in the space of a few hours!" ~ Guilty Pleasures Reviews


"Received this book as an ARC. T.A. Grey definitely writes books that you can't put down until you're done. This one was no exception. After patiently waiting (not), because I've read the whole series (Bellum Sister), I was not disappointed. Alrik, the fallen king and Abbigail are a pair to remember, finding out about themselves and each other as the story unfolds. This story captures you from the beginning and is a thrilling ride til the end. Full of hunky, sexy Alpha males, detailed sex scenes, action, love and did I say detailed sex scenes, and I could see a future with Aidan the vampire. Once again I was not disappointed and this series just gets better. This is a author you don't want to pass up because she never fails to to bring it in all her erotic romances. Thanks T.a. for another great one."~ Melba on Goodreads



The human mumbled to herself, her head lolling left and right. Something tightened in his gut as he looked at her. He didn’t like it. Gazing upon her stirred something deep inside of him.

Alrik cursed.

Who was she to try to compete with his Arianna? She was no Arianna. Arianna was a goddess. Beautiful, shining, dark black hair fell down to her slender waist and a graceful figure and demeanor that could only be obtained with the best of haute, aristocratic blood in her veins. This human looked nothing like his Arianna. She had hair the color of wet dirt. It looked thin and not heavy like Arianna’s hair. She had wide hips and more curves than Arianna, but Arianna didn’t need blatant curves. Her graceful figure brought about attention alone.

Simply put, she wasn’t his Arianna.

Then why did his gut clench just looking at her?

Too long without a woman, maybe. His gaze trailed over her form once more taking in the slight span of her waist and the flare of her hips. The sight stirred something hot buried deep inside him. He wondered how she’d feel pressed tight against him…bare skin to bare skin.

His cock hardened like steel.


Alrik charged into the dark cave. He didn’t need his sight in his place; he knew it like the edge of his sword. He went far back into the cave, sidestepping the fire pit he’d made before he’d left to find the human. Then he dropped the human to the ground. He wasn’t gentle about it and she gave him the response he’d been looking for. Her eyes shot open, mouth forming a big circle as pain pinched her features. She let out a low, husky groan that did nothing to alleviate the pressure in his groin.

“What the hell,” she groaned, turning on her side to rub her back.

“We will talk now.”

She hadn’t been aware of him, he realized. Now she was. Slowly her head fell back, her eyes turned up to meet his. Recognition dawned slowly. Her eyes darted wildly around the cave filling with panic and fear. She stood in a rush then wobbled on her feet. Panic had her in its grip. She swung her arms out, found the wet cave wall with a hand, and then leaned towards it to steady herself, pressing both hands against it.

“What the hell’s going on? Oh my god, where am I?”

“Be quiet. I will talk and you will listen. Do you understand?” He hadn’t met a human in years. In his previous experience, some were smart and others not so much. He hoped his salvation didn’t lie in a daft girl who looked entirely too young to have the amount of power the seer spoke of.

She turned and glared at him. The spark of anger was good, and the cleverness he spotted in her eyes even better. Good, she wouldn’t be daft.

“Excuse me? How about you tell me who you are, demon, where I am, why I’m here, and what you want with me?” She crossed her arms and set her light green eyes on him.

Alrik had the distinct urge to stalk over to her and tower over her just to see her quiver in fear. She will learn her place soon enough. Her attitude would go even quicker. He was a king, and some lowly human would not treat him like a servant.

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