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~Meet The Bellums~

Three sisters. Three fates. Each given to a man during their greatest, life-changing time--the succubus' leap into sexual maturity. From that point on, the Bellum sisters will require sex to stay alive.

Meet the Characters:


Chloe Bellum: Chloe, the eldest sister, is given to Tyrian en Kulev, the leader of the Atal Warriors. The Atal Warriors are a legion of warriors trained to fight the demons that threaten to cross the ancient Rift that divides earth and the nether-realm.

Chloe Bellum from Chains of Frost

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Tyrian en Kulev: Cold and impassionate, Tyrian finds Chloe's persisent heat a problem, especially when it starts melting his heart.

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Willow Bellum: Chloe's fraternal twin sister. She has a stubborn, take-no-shit attitude and isn't afraid to show it. She won't allow anyone to possess her--especially Alpha Lyonis Keelan.

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Lily Belllum: Magical, spiritual, and a little strange, the youngest of the Bellum sisters Lily is spunky but strong.

Lyonis Keelan: An Alpha Shapeshifter sent to be Willow's "Protector" no matter how much she disagrees.

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Henry: Half-vampire, half-demon, Henry is a member of Tyrian en Kulev's Atal Warriors and an elite personal guard of Tyrian's. He harbors a strong desire for Nanu.

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Nanu: A healer with quick hands, a steady mind, and a controlling brother, Nanu has felt desire for Henry for years but has been too scared to act on it for she knows how her brother feels about "half-breeds."

Draven: A half-vampire, half-demon who works as a part of Tyrian's elite guard. He and the other half-breeds carry unique abilities.


Lucinda: A frimar by birth, Lucinda is a vampire who serves as a blood concubine for a host, or male vampire. Impeccably mannered with an old-style aire, Lucinda lusts after only one man.

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Rayn: Half-vampire, half-demon, Rayn has a way with the ladies and is always quick to a grin and a smile.

Meet the Characters:

Willow Bellum: Willow isabout to reach sexual maturityand is on the run from a dominating shapeshifter, Lyonis. She cusses, she fights, and she trembles in fear at the sight of a demon that is trying to kill her.

Lyonis Keelan: Lyonis knows his mate when he sees her--and she's Willow Bellum. Sent to Protect her, he does more than that and capture her, and hopefully her body in the process.

Thane Vanner: One of Lyonis' lieutenants in his pack, Thane has Native American ancestory and is known for bedding the single females in the pack. This doesn't pose a problem until he starts to have feelings for his ginger-haired partner, Jackie.

Jackie: Jackie is an independant woman and didn't get to be lieutenant in her Alpha's pack by painting her nails and wearing dresses. She isn't completely wihtout feeling though, especially when it concerns Thane Vanner--a man so sexy the sight of him makes her mouth water.

Telal Demuzi: After The Great War, demons were secluded under the rift which separates the earthen-realm from the nether-realm. Telal Demuzi is a beaurocrat, a warrior, and a prince to his royal kingdom in the rift.

Favorite Quotes:

But the Alpha only grinned. “I know everything I need to know.”

She tried not to ask, but it came out anyways. “Like what?” He smiled bigger. It was a happy smile and had probably charmed many women into his bed. Hundreds of them, thousands...sluts.

“That you are mine.” Willow snapped her teeth at him. He tossed back his head and laughed. “If you want to bite then go ahead, sweetheart. But be warned that my teeth are bigger, sharper, and longer.”

Willow snorted. Men. Always bragging. She looked pointedly at her chains, and the room spun around her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she said, “Mind telling me why I’m chained to a bed. And know that before you answer, if you say I’m in your bedroom, I will kill you.”

Spoilers are present here!

Meet the Characters:

Lily Bellum: The youngest of the Bellum Sisters with a quirky streak, a quick smile, and secret loneliness.

Telal Demuzi: The rightful king to the shahoulin throne in the rift. He is golden skinned with cerulean blue hair along with a mixture of wicked piercings and a royal tattoo. He doesn't have many weaknesses, but of them is Lily Bellum.

Kearnyn: Telal Demuzi's personal guard. From Ireland, he's built tall and strong like a bodybuilder and has an incredible soft spot for the beautiful and breathtaking Rosa Delgado.

Rosa Delgado: Also known as Rosa el blanco or Rosa the White, Rosa is a white witch with some incredible powers to heal and protect. She comes from Spanish heritage and has dark features and amber eyes. She finds herself attracted to Kearnyn's sweet nature, after she gets over the initial "giant" size of his body.

Alrik Demuzi:{Spoilers} The current king of the shahoulin kingdom. He's been cursed and is living a life that might not be his own. Over the years, his responses hae grown crueler, his temper shorter and all over a reason he can't grasp. Until he learns of the curse. Even then, the darkness clouds his mind, except for one spot of light--Arianna, beautiful Arianna.

Arianna: A royal demon living under Alrik Demuzi's rule and affianced to his brother, Telal, Arianna has sat calmly as Alrik changes. It's happened slowly over the years. She used to enjoy his company, even more, his handsome glory. But now his auburn locks are gone, his golden skin gone. In its place is a dark, charcoal curse that even she didn't recognize. No one saw it; its magic too strong to be seen by normal eyes, even by Alrik's. She's fallen for the cursed king, even if it's the wrong thing to do.