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Dark Awakening

The Kategan Alphas - Book 2

By T.A. Grey

Dark Awakening by T. A. Grey

Once a vibrant woman, Alison Bennson suffered a terrible trauma at the hands of her ex. When her ex crashes back into her life with terrifying consequences, Alison must turn to the Kategans for help. Rome Kategan has been a haunting thought in her mind ever since she met the grinning rogue. If only she was the woman she used to be she could relax and enjoy the sexy male, but instead she is haunted by the past and fearful for the future.

Her past has emerged though with a vengeance and with one purpose in mind for Alison—death. Rome Kategan swears to protect Alison with a passionate determination that frightens Alison almost more than her past.



  • Series: The Kategan Alphas Book #2
  • Publication Date: August 2011
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Length: Novella ~37,000 words
  • Edition: 2nd.



"T. A. Grey's "The Kategan Alphas Series" is a sultry, sexy, suspenseful trip into the paranormal that starts at 100mph and never slows down. T. A. Grey creates a cast of hunky alpha werewolves, scintillating female wolf mates, and ravenous vampires who keep you flipping the pages hour after hour. Ms. Grey's world of "The Kategan Alphas" is crafted smartly and woven with realism that inspires the reader to feel like the wolves could be living in secret right next door. Grey's "Kategan Alphas" are humorous, erotic, and emotionally satisfying. T. A. Grey is a self-published author to watch." by Amber L. Barr from Vampire and Immortal Books Blog.



Rome showed her around the single floor cabin. It was simple, quaint, but homey and warm. A brick landing went down to the living room where a loveseat and recliner faced a brick-layered fireplace. The bathroom was clean with a shower and tub, and the bedroom had the same queen style she had back at home.

Looking down at the bed, Alison had a brief flash of the white stain awaiting her on her sheets at home. Her stomach tightened and bile rose in her throat.

"You all right?"

Rome came into the room, his eyes serious. Her breath stalled in her lungs just looking at him. She always wanted to be mated, have a few babies, and spend her life cooking and running her little cafe. But since Conlin, none of that was possible.

It was strange how one mistake could change a person's life so drastically. Once upon a time, she would have flirted with a man like Rome, but now she knew better than to be swayed by a pretty face. One never could tell what lies beneath the polished surface.

"Fine, thanks,” she finally answered.

Suddenly she realized she was in a small bedroom with a very virile male, a male who was looking at her as if she was a delicious dessert he wouldn't mind spending the next few hours licking. Slowly.

A warm blush filled her cheeks and she could do nothing to stop it. "That will be all thank you," she said crisply and squeezed past him to open the front door. She stood next to it, waiting as he strolled slowly towards her. She held her breath when he stopped close to her. Keep going, keep going, she chanted.

Instead, he faced her and lifted her chin with a long finger. The corner of his mouth was curved upwards, taunting, and full. "If you need anything at all beautiful, just let me know. I’m sorry it took something awful to bring you here. But I’m glad you’re here. If you need anything, I'm your man." She shivered at his words. He leaned down close, his lips scant inches from hers.

Oh God, don't kiss me she begged, slamming her eyes shut. Hot breath teased her lips and they parted, the traitors. And then she felt it, the press of his lips against hers. His lips were smooth and matched perfectly against hers. A hot pulse throbbed directly in her sex and her breasts suddenly ached to be touched. Then he lifted his head. It was over too fast, or not fast enough. Definitely not fast enough.

Her eyes fluttered open to see a darkness in his hazel eyes that wasn't there before, a dark, intriguing color that could only mean one thing.

"Please go," she said quickly.  

He grinned at her, taking in everything, her flush, her wet lips, her chest moving a little too fast, and then he nodded as if he'd done a good job.

"Vane has sentries posted all over, especially near the guest cabin. So relax and don't worry. But remember," he paused at the doorway, the light from the street creating a golden halo around him. "If you need anything, I'm here."

Alison slammed the door in his laughing face.