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Eternal Temptation

The Kategan Alphas - Book 4

By T.A. Grey

Eternal Temptation by T. A. Grey

Fierce, troubled brother, Darien Kategan now leads his life in solitude. Shut off from his family, he lives only in a past that haunts his every breathing moment. But on the path to recover himself and move on with his life, he finds a woman hurt on his land. Something about this woman will not allow him to walk away. Instead he takes her in, even against his better judgment.

A woman running from a horrible secret, Cassie Wilks has no place to run to and no family to help her. When she passes out on a troubled lykaen’s land, she decides she wants to learn more about this dark giant of a man. But time ticks by, bringing her dangerous secret closer and closer. Her attraction to the dark lykaen brings sensual passion into play and brings forth new experiences for both of them. As Cassie’s secret draws near, her passion pushes Darien to release his demons and embrace love. But will Darien be able to accept Cassie’s salvation before time is up?


  • Series: The Kategan Alphas Book #4
  • Publication Date: October 11th, 2011
  • Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  • Length: Novel ~45,000 words



Most people wouldn’t have noticed the change in the air. The switch from comfortable silence to sharp anger. But Darien Kategan felt it as surely as he felt the weight of the grocery bags in his arms. He didn’t have to turn around to know who had walked up behind him.

“Thanks, Joe.”

“See you next week, Darien.”

Darien shouldered open the door and caught sight of his pursuers out of the corner of his eye. The bell above the door jingled brightly as the door slammed shut behind him. He headed towards his truck and wondered if he’d at least have time to set the groceries down before they got him.
He wasn’t so lucky.

The bell above the door shook loudly and footsteps bounded hard on the concrete behind him. The first shove at his back sent him spiraling into the back of his truck like he was trying to kiss it. He tightened his hold on his groceries and clamped his teeth together as he slowly turned around.

“Darien fucking Kategan.”

Darien inclined his head in a nod. “Tom.” Anger flared in the other’s eyes, white-hot and boiling.

“Don’t use my fucking name, you piece of shit. Don’t you ever use my name. You have no right.”

The man came closer, eyeing him up and down, assessing, as his two friends circled in closer. Darien stood up straight and hefted his groceries against his chest.

He peered straight into the eyes of the man taunting him—the same eyes she’d had. A beautiful mixture of gray and blue, like God had made a special mixture just for her when she’d been born. Of course, her brother had been blessed with the same color. God was a son of a bitch like that.

Darien saw the fist coming and didn’t move. If anything, he lifted his chin just a little to help the punch catch. The first blow was like a balm to him. The second came from his right in a fast arch that caught his cheekbone. The flare of pain was hot and quick and pushed him back against the truck.

Deep breaths. Sweet, merciful pain. There everything was going to be fine now.

He almost sighed it felt so good. The next blow hit his lip and the sharp biting pain reminded him of the time he’d fallen as a kid and bit down on his lip so hard it bled. Only this hurt worse, split his lip open with hot pain.