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Tempting Whispers

The Kategan Alphas - Book 6

By T.A. Grey

Vampire romance novels

In the final installment to the Kategan Alphas series, Vanessa Kategan is a desperate woman. She's got no job, no money, no place to go and to top it all off she's on the run. That is, until she runs into the irritating, thought-consuming vampire Brayden. Now he's forcing her to accept his help and she takes it even knowing her heart is on the line. The vampire can make her body burn one minute and her temper explode the next. Yet, she's drawn to him like no other.

Brayden lives his life by codes. One of those codes is to protect others who can't protect themselves. When Vanessa Kategan rolls into his town he can't deny the urge to help her, nor can he keep his hands off of her. Soon, the walls are closing in on them. Time is running out, people are showing up dead, and Brayden's not sure if he can keep Vanessa safe through it all.


  • Series: The Kategan Alphas Book #6
  • Publication Date: July 25th, 2012
  • Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  • Length: ~52,000
  • Edition: 1st.



"T. A. Grey's "The Kategan Alphas Series" is a sultry, sexy, suspenseful trip into the paranormal that starts at 100mph and never slows down. T. A. Grey creates a cast of hunky alpha werewolves, scintillating female wolf mates, and ravenous vampires who keep you flipping the pages hour after hour. Ms. Grey's world of "The Kategan Alphas" is crafted smartly and woven with realism that inspires the reader to feel like the wolves could be living in secret right next door. Grey's "Kategan Alphas" are humorous, erotic, and emotionally satisfying. T. A. Grey is a self-published author to watch." by Amber L. Barr 




Brayden slid the finished paperwork across the desk. “Is that it?”

The clerk looked over the papers with a nod. “Everything looks good here. You’ll be due back to work in three weeks.” The young vampire picked up a large stamp and pressed the approved seal against the bottom of his verification forms. “So, what do you plan on doing for your vacation? Traveling?”

Brayden took his copy of the paperwork and folded it neatly before putting it in his jacket pocket. “Not quite. I’m doing someone a favor.” He left it at that. With a final nod, he turned and left the HR department. 

The Justicar’s headquarters were swarmed with an assortment of vampires and lykaens all looking very human in their business suits, suitcases, and talking on their cellphones. Brayden didn’t like the idea of taking vacation. He liked to work, enjoyed his job, and was damn good at it. But in the two years since he’d promised Alpha Vane Kategan that he’d find out what happened to his mate’s dead mother, he’d come up with nearly nothing. More and more caseloads of peace treaties, cases with rogue lykaens and vampires, and trials had kept him occupied. Finally, at Sarina’s pleading through a phone call last night, he promised to take time off and see the matter through once and for all. 

In two years, he’d gone through all the paperwork there was on the case. Had even spoken twice to the Justicar that led the investigation—for what there’d been of one. The investigation had merely consisted of taking King Brunes’ witness report of the night and of the Givens family who fished her out of the water and doing an autopsy that showed, indeed, Queen Clara Brunes had drowned that night almost fifteen years ago while out on their yacht.

Talk about opening a cold case. A cold closed case.

The only piece of evidence he had, the only reason he hadn’t canceled his investigation sooner was that something with the case didn’t settle right in his gut. All the paperwork was cut neat; every “t” crossed and “i” dotted. He couldn’t quite lay his finger on what bothered him about it. Perhaps it was the lack of witnesses that night, or maybe the fact that the Justicar on the case accepted King Brunes’ version of events as fact without drilling him further. Either way, Brunes wouldn’t be the first high-profile person to get away with murder, and if he had, then Brayden knew he’d catch him. Everyone paid for their crimes.

“Get your hands off of me!” The feminine scream brought a frown to his face. The Justicar’s headquarters was a quiet, serious place, not a place to throw a fit. Brayden’s shoulders tightened as he made his way quickly down the hall towards the sounds of rising voices.

“Security, get her out of here!” a different feminine voice shouted.
Brayden took a left into the lobby and stopped hard. Two security guards had their hands locked around a struggling woman’s arm. A woman who was trying desperately not to be dragged out the front doors. She looked small, yet when she dug her feet into the tiled floor it stopped the guard’s momentum. A quick glance showed that people already stopped to watch the show.

“I need that order. You have to give it to me!” the woman pleaded in a desperate voice.

The guards dug their feet in and by brute strength started dragging the woman towards the revolving doors. “Come on now, you’re making a scene,” one of the guards said between clenched teeth.

The woman kicked out her leg and caught one of the gaurd’s knees. He cursed, his hands flying off her. She turned and started struggling with the other. Brayden shook his head and strode forward.

“Enough, what is this?”

The guard’s eyes widened as he saw him. He straightened quickly, the hands holding the woman forgotten. “Sir, I apologize for this…problem. We’re taking care of it.”

“That not what it looks like.” He leveled his gaze on the back of the woman’s head. “What’s the problem here?”

The woman’s back stiffened and then she turned around slowly, her face turning up to meet his. Brayden felt like he got hit in the gut with a sledgehammer. All the air whooshed out of his lungs. The slightly-taller than average female form, the dark brown eyes and hair, the slender hips and waist. She looked almost exactly the same. Almost being the key word. She’d grown. Her body had filled out in ways that made his blood warm—something he didn’t even want to think about. And her eyes were hard where they used to shine.

“Vanessa Kategan?” He couldn’t keep himself from asking even though he knew it was her. From her flowery, feminine scent to the Kategan coloring in her eyes and hair.

Her eyes flared in shock. “Brayden? What are you doing here?”

That sent a brow flying upwards. “I work here. What are you doing here?” The last he’d heard, her father had reached an agreement with Vane and had collected her from Vane’s lands.

Her gaze skittered to the clerk behind the lobby desk to glare. “I came for help but obviously I’m in the wrong place since no one wants to help me.”

If she didn’t have his attention before, she sure did now. “What are you talking about? Help with what?”

Her lips flattened and she sent a disgusted glare to the guards that had been trying to escort her out. She turned back to him, gave him an assessing glance then shook her head. 

“Nothing apparently. No one can help me. Goodbye, Brayden.” Turning away, she pushed between the two guards mumbling “assholes” under her breath then went through the revolving doors.

Brayden was after her before he thought twice about it.