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~Meet The Kategans~

Check out some fun extras on The Kategan Alphas series. Some of this information may contain spoilers. You've been warned. Read on to see pictures of characters, quotes, and more.

The Kategan Alphas Series


Meet the characters:

Vane Kategan - Alpha, eldest, and leader of the Kategan Pack of the Midwest.

Sarina Brunes - Only child, overprotected daughter, and the last in the line of lykaen royalty.

King Brunes - Sarina's father who will stop at nothing to control his daughter.

Rome Kategan - The third eldest brother with a face that makes women melt, a strong love for his family, and a penchant for the Twilight movies.

Vera Kategan - The youngest of the Kategans and only female in the family. Her sarcasm and persistent joking may be a coverup for something deeper.

Darien Kategan - The second eldest brother who is struggling over a tragic past. He has secluded himself away from the family.

Alison Bennson - Sarina's best friend who has her own troubled past. She is haunted by the abuse of her ex, Prince Conlin.

Prince Conlin - A devastatingly handsome lykaen with an even crueler personality.


Best quotes:

Vera shrugged then turned to Vane. "Perhaps, but are you certain she's your mate, your lumara?" Vane growled, making everyone's hair stand up. "Fine, fine. Cool it, Jacob."

Vane looked around the room as if he might find another person suddenly with them. "Who the hell is Jacob?" Vane squeezed the shot glass until Vera was certain it was going to break.

Vera's eyes went wide and innocent. "Well before you flip, just know that I was always team Jacob."

"Jacob is a fictitious werewolf romance character for teenage girls," said Rome.

"Rome’s always been team Edward. I think he had a thing for one of the vamp girls. Isn’t that right?" Vera asked, a sly smile on her face.

The inspiration for Vane's home

The inspiration for the grand garden Vane created for the Pack.

Meet the characters:

Alison Bennson - Alison is in desperate need of the Kategan's help after Conlin threatens her life.

Rome Kategan - Rome eagerly takes it upon himself to ensure Alison's safety. The shy lykaen intrigues him as much as she yearns to protect her.

Prince Conlin - Prince Conlin has spent his life getting everything he wanted. He has been snubbed by Alison not once now but twice. The deed will not go unpunished.

Jackson Marsh - Rome's close human friend is called in to help with the dire situation.

Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2

Best quotes:

"No! Stop it!" she yelled and pushed Rome away. He didn't look at her, just panted, and stared down at John who was having trouble keeping his eyes open. "What do you think you're doing?"

"He was touching you." He jerked her up against his body and his pupils darkened and dilated as he looked at her. Then he took a deep shuddering breath. "You're breeding." He growled and her body wept at the sound.

"Y-yes," she whispered. Suddenly she felt like a deer caught in headlights. She was utterly captivated by him. His scent, his body, his voice, all of them pulled her towards him as if they were two polarized magnets, irresistibly drawn together.


The inspiration for Conlin's mansion.

Coming Sept 16!

Meet the characters:

Vera Kategan - A woman with an attitude, Vera hides herself behind sarcasm and humor. When the chance arises for Vera to get away from it all, she takes it.

Jackson Marsh - A soldier at heart, Jackson made a devastating mistake with Rome and Alison. Now he is desperate to fix the broken relationship between him and Rome. Even if that means protecting Vera on her trip to negotiate with the vampires.

And many other characters that I won't spoil here!

Vera Kategan from Wicked SurrenderJackson Marsh from Wicked Surrender


Best quotes:

“God dammit, will you say something already?” Wow, smooth move Jacks. She glared at him but whatever. It was basically her fault anyways. “Well?” he prompted when she remained quiet.

“I didn’t have anything to talk about before, and I still don’t. Unless that is you want to talk about how much of a jerk you are.”

Jacks didn’t even try to hide it, he grinned big. Why the thought of pissing her off made him happy, he didn’t know, but that must be a very bad sign. “Why am I jerk?”

She looked at him, astonished. “Seriously? ‘God dammit, blah blah blah blah.’ You don’t remember just saying that to me. It was a borderline growl and shout, by the way.”

He turned to look out the window so she wouldn’t see the laugh he was fighting. If only she wasn’t her then maybe he could stand her. But all it took was one look at her fancy dress, shoes, and jewelry to know she was so not for him. He needed a woman who could comfortably eat at a burger shack, not five-star dining. She'd probably eat five filet mignons and clean him out of the bank in a week.

Inspiration for the inside of the vampire's mansion.

Inspiration for Ariss.

Meet the characters:

Darien Kategan - Dark and troubled, Darien Kategan has casted himself away from his family and friends to deal with the pain of the past.

Cassandra Wilks - Spunky, bold vampire Cassandra has her own secrets, which she keeps as tightly knit around her as Darien. Yet the mysterious lykaen intrigues her so. She can't resist tempting the big beast even as her horrible secret lurks around the corner.

The Kategan Alphas

Best quotes: A SNEAK PEEK!

Most people wouldn’t have noticed the change in the air. The switch from comfortable silence to sharp anger. But Darien Kategan felt it as surely as he felt the weight of the grocery bags in his arms. He didn’t have to turn around to know who had walked up behind him.

“Thanks, Joe.”

“See you next week, Darien.”

Darien shouldered open the door and caught sight of his pursuers out of the corner of his eye. The bell above the door jingled brightly as the door slammed shut behind him. He headed towards his truck and wondered if he’d at least have time to set the groceries down before they got him.
He wasn’t so lucky.

The bell above the door shook loudly and footsteps bounded hard on the concrete behind him. The first shove at his back sent him spiraling into the back of his truck like he was trying to kiss it. He tightened his hold on his groceries and clamped his teeth together as he slowly turned around.

“Darien fucking Kategan.”

Darien inclined his head in a nod. “Tom.” Anger flared in the other’s eyes, white-hot and boiling.

“Don’t use my fucking name, you piece of shit. Don’t you ever use my name. You have no right.”

The man came closer, eyeing him up and down, assessing, as his two friends circled in closer. Darien stood up straight and hefted his groceries against his chest.

He peered straight into the eyes of the man taunting him—the same eyes she’d had. A beautiful mixture of gray and blue, like God had made a special mixture just for her when she’d been born. Of course, her brother had been blessed with the same color. God was a son of a bitch like that.

Darien saw the fist coming and didn’t move. If anything, he lifted his chin just a little to help the punch catch. The first blow was like a balm to him. The second came from his right in a fast arch that caught his cheekbone. The flare of pain was hot and quick and pushed him back against the truck.

Deep breaths. Sweet, merciful pain. There everything was going to be fine now.

He almost sighed it felt so good. The next blow hit his lip and the sharp biting pain reminded him of the time he’d fallen as a kid and bit down on his lip so hard it bled. Only this hurt worse, split his lip open with hot pain.

Meet the Characters:

Dmetri Demidov: An arrogant, rich vampire who believes he's better than most, Dmetri is sent onto Kategan land to investigate a recent escapee who wants to destroy the Kategan family. Along the way, he meets Christine, a volumptuous, natural woman who is so innately sexy that she drives him wild. And soon he'll stop at nothing to have her again...and again.

Christine Barrows: A member of Vane Kategan's pack and community healer, Christine has it in mind to only marry "up" which to her means another Alpha. So even when the sweet talking Russian jumps into her life and starts playing with her heart, she can't give in to him.

Vanessa Kategan: Vane's cousin, Vanessa runs to her cousins for help when her father tries to sign her into an arranged marriage.

Brayden: When the Kategan pack is attacked, Brayden, a lead Justicar for the vampires and lykaens, is called in to help investigate. There he meets a very young, very beautiful Kategan named Vanessa.

Available July 25th, 2012!

Meet the Characters


Brayden Erickson: A stalwart, honor-bound vampire, Brayden Erickson does not lose control. That is until he runs into Vanessa Kategan. He lives his life by the law, but he soon learns, for Vanessa, he'd do anything.

Vanessa Kategan: Strong-willed but emotionally weak, Vanessa has spendt the last two years in hell. Now she's done, ready to make a new life for herself. Brayden poses as both a challenge to her and her heart.


Inspiration for Brayden

Note: I have not purchased these images. Just used them as reference. Hence, the watermark.

Tempting whispers the kategan alphas 6


Inspiration for Vanessa


Tempting Whispers