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The Silent Princess

The MacKellen Alphas - Book 2

By T.A Grey

The Silent Princess by T. A. Grey

Hanna MacKellen has landed in a heap of trouble. No longer married to her adulterous mate, she has moved on with her life and is finally enjoying some excitement she’d missed out on for years. After a date with a lykaen prince goes terribly wrong, Hanna finds herself in the hands of enemies. Worse, she’s gotten Alex Thompson in the thick of it too.

Alex Thompson is a man of mystery and dark secrets. He keeps his emotions locked away from any serious connection, because he knows no woman could ever accept him once she learned of his past. Especially not someone like the “princess”—Hanna MacKellen. Educated, sophisticated and hard-working, Hanna is out of his league on many levels. Women like her simply did not mix with men like him.

Stuck together in a life-threatening situation, there’s only two options: escape or die. Together they wind up on the adventure of a lifetime. A journey which asks Alex to question his own past and in which Hanna discovers her own morality and strength. On top of it all, Hanna’s heart is in jeopardy of falling in love with the wrong kind of man, and she doesn’t know if she can stop it from happening. Or if she even wants to.

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  • Series: The MacKellen Alphas #2
  • Publication Date: March 17, 2015
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance / Action Romance
  • Length: Plus-Length Novel



“You are such a sour-sport. You’re ruining my happy buzz. Leave, will you?” she made a shooing motion as if trying to rid herself of a pesky fly.

“Whatever happened to Mercedes-boy?”

Sharp as lasers, her gaze slammed into him. Twenty-odd feet apart and the tension between them was like channeled electricity, zapping and crackling between them.

“You mean Remi?”

He almost rolled his eyes at the name. Remi. So fuckin’ stupid.

He gritted the words. “Yeah, Remi.”

She smiled coyly. “He is staying at a nice hotel in the city. I’ll be seeing him again next weekend while he’s in town on business for the Gerioux pack. We’ve gone a few dates. He’s very fun.”

He’s very fun.

For some reason, her description filled Alex with an emotion akin to disgust. Right, that’s because it was disgust, moron.

“You don’t have to look so pale. Are you going to vomit?” Her voice was soft and painfully sweet, like sugarcoated sugar. “You’re not...jealous. Are you, Alex?”

Alex roared his engine with the flick of his wrist. Another involuntary spasm.

“Oooh!” she cooed, pretending to be awed over his bike. “Very impressive.” She spoke slowly like a parent congratulating their child’s incomprehensible artwork.

God, she could make him feel so small. A part of him wanted to toss his head back and laugh, but he couldn’t manage it. He also couldn’t quit thinking about Mr. Suit and the way he smiled at Hanna with that lusty look in his eyes. Fuck. This was no good. No good at all.

“Don’t worry. I’m not jealous, sweetheart. Good to know you care though.”

The light dimmed from her gaze. Good, she needed to be taken down a peg or two. Alex walked his bike forward a few steps as the engine idled.

He actually managed to flash her a grin. “Just making sure you got home safe. Now that that’s done.” With the roar of his engine, Alex sped off down the street without a single goodbye.

It was only in his sideview mirror, as he looked back at her, that he caught a glimpse of her raised middle-finger aimed right at him, waving through the air flipping him off.

Finally, he let the laughter come.

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