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Ecstasy Overload

By T.A. Grey

Ecstasy Overload Futuristic Erotica

The deadliest soldier is on a mission to bring back one woman. A woman he shouldn’t touch, but can’t resist. Space marine Terrence Jharvic is trained in a thousand ways to kill a person. But nothing has prepared him for Lace Regan. Her body sets him on fire, and her fiery attitude has him craving more.

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  • Publication Date: June 2011
  • Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Erotica
  • Length: Short Story ~12k words



DTA Athletic Center

Master Terrence Jharvic 5 dismissed his new Trainees. He smiled to himself at the sight of their sweating bodies and panting breaths. He worked the new Trainees hard to break them in. Plus he had a guilty pleasure in watching them struggle. It was his job as a Master to prepare the men to fight.

His comrade Master Lewis “Lou” 26 walked towards him. “Hey number five, how about we grab some drinks tonight at the Station.” He took a small metal container out of cargo vest and pulled a cigarette out of it.

“Say 20:00 hours?” Terrence nodded, eyeing his friend as he lit the black cigarette.

“See you then.” His friend managed a smirk that looked more like a snarl with the cigarette between his thin lips. He gave a small nod before turning on his heel and heading back to the Cleansing Laboratory.

Terrence left the Athletic Center and made for his dormitory issued bunk. As a Master, he had one of the largest bunks on base. He waved his wrist in front of the receptor identification caller and spoke into the small screen at the side of the door.

“Agent Terrence 5,” his voice was deep, lingering. The door dematerialized into a shimmering, translucent wall that he walked easily through before it rematerialized behind him.

His dormitory was compact but still larger than most of the other soldiers at DTA. His room had all the necessities a soldier needed. A kitchen, bathroom, and bed. While extravagant, the simple appliances suited his simple means.

Terrence peeled of his athletic uniform, the material clinging to the sweaty skin on his arms. Working with the Trainees always built up a good sweat. He stepped onto the textured floor of the Cleansing Laboratory and pressed a button on the small panel against the wall. Water sprayed out from tiny circular holes on each of the three walls forming individuals arcs of water programmed to the exact temperature the occupant had set.

Terrence sighed as the water sprayed over his body. He reached to the Cleaning Fluid bar and pressed on a soft touch pad, thick pearly fluid came out, and he rubbed it over his body and hair.

After cleaning his body, he gathered another drop of the pearly soap. He leaned back against the wet wall and grasped his dick in his hand. The soft flesh hardened in moments. He shuddered a little at the electric sensation.

He closed his eyes and remembered the last time he’d had sex. He’d been on a mission over four years ago. He stopped at a brothel when he had two hours of downtime. The woman he chose was exotic with bronze skin, darkly lined eyes, and a full, pouty mouth. He’d paid, and she’d shown him her bedroom upstairs. She sucked on him first. He couldn’t remember how her tongue felt on him, but knew it was good. He stroked his now raging hard cock until a white lather formed from the soap.

He’d come in her mouth, and she’d moaned like she liked it, even going so far as to swallow his release with a smile. His breathing grew heavy, and he ran his hand repeatedly up and down his shaft, over the bulbous head. He’d fucked her then, hard and fast with her on her knees. He remembered that she’d been so wet and hot for him. He made her come then exploded his own release inside her.

He was close. He flipped her over after that, rammed in, and fucked her while sucking on one hard, brown nipple. She cried out with her orgasm and he shoved deep and let his orgasm ride.

Terrence pumped his wet hand faster as his release neared. The images replayed in his head to create his own personal movie. He cupped his balls and squeezed the heavy flesh. His cock grew hot in his hand, then pulsed. He pumped three more times before he came. He came in long, hard shots that had his ass clenching. It wasn’t until after his body stopped shuddering that he turned off the water.