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Capturing Jeron

By T.A. Grey

Capturing Jeron - sci-fi erotica by T. A. Grey

Bounty hunting isn’t just a job—it’s a lifestyle.

Mina “the mean” takes the case to bring in the infamous space captain, Jeron Krutchner, never thinking she’ll lose her heart in the process. After a wickedly hot encounter, Mina captures the dangerous captain and brings him aboard her ship.

Trouble begins when Mina awakens to find her captor on top of her. He has turned the tables on her and now she is a prisoner on her own ship. Using her own erotic pleasures against her, Jeron slowly breaks down her defenses until her body craves his touch like her next breath. Though, when she fears she starts to lose her heart to the sexy space captain, Mina does the only thing she can think to and runs. Now Jeron is on a mission. A mission to get what is his back. He will stop at nothing, and once he finds her, he will exact delicious, erotic punishments until she begs for mercy.  


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  • Publication Date: April 2011
  • Genre: Futuristic/Sci-fi erotica / erotic romance
  • Length: Novella ~20,600k words



When I bring him in it will be with a big red bow around his neck. –The journal of Mina “the Mean”

“What’s the highest paying mark you have?” Mina “the Mean” bounty hunter extraordinaire leaned back in her chair and crossed her booted ankles on her glass desk.

“250,000 Yens, but this mark sounds like a real pro. His record is a mile long and just as thick, you might want to steer clear of this one,” the Operator said, concern clouding her voice. The story behind the Operator was one of mystery. No one knew who she was, or how she gathered her intel. All the bounty hunters knew was that she was the Operator, and you called her for a job.

The new target, or mark, as bounty hunters referred to them didn’t even make her raise an eyebrow. Mina had taken down some of the toughest marks in the galaxy—Raylond Ramuno, Jackie “the fly” Trutscky, and even D’mo, the three headed alien from Zefferion infamous for tearing the heads off his victims with his bare hands. The idea that she couldn’t handle a mark was comical. She was famous in the hunting world for her capturing skills, almost legendary like Cade Widtholm. She sighed when she thought of the sexy hunter. His killer blue eyes and stacked body made females swoon with just a glance. She was so close to earning that kind of fame. Maybe this new mark would be just the ticket she needed.

“Honestly Operator, I took down D’mo like a bug in low gravity. I think I can handle this mark. Who and what is it?” she asked excitedly. Hunting was always a thrill. The fear that the next job may be her last and the excitement of besting one of the worst in the galaxy made her heart race.

She heard the Operator’s heavy sigh on the other end of the line. “Fine, I’m transferring his file over now.”

Mina sat up straight and flicked on the halo-monitor. Tiny electrical chips in the desk lit up in bright blue and then digital images and documents appeared above her desk. Mina only listened half-heartedly as her eyes greedily read the information. The name of the target had her stomach tightening in anticipation. She’d definitely heard of him.

“Jeron Krutchner is wanted for 1,567 counts of pirating, 264 counts of theft, 112 counts of assault, and 2 counts of lewd and indecent behavior. The mark is a spaceship captain, rumored to be flying the Concord. He is 6’2”, with a muscular build, and is highly combative. His expertise lays in flying, combat, and pirating which he learned from 20 years in the Federal Union’s military.” The Operator paused, the lack of sound on the other end of the cell stopped Mina’s oratory exploration.

“What is it, Operator?”

“Jeron Krutchner has become quite famous in the underground world. His file says he has contacts with some of the better-known resistance fighters, gang lords, and illegal gun traders; more importantly, he is rumored to be bloodthirsty and savage. You know how these space captains are, Mina. In the sky flying alone in dark space, pirating what loot they can off abandoned ships. Only he’s made the mistake of pirating off government ships.”

Mina tsked and shook her head. “What a bad boy.”

“Who’s to say there aren’t people he’s killed that the authorities just don’t know about? Perhaps you need to rethink this Mina. I mean it.” Mina felt a surge of anger. Sure, she couldn’t do it, but she knew for a fact the Operator wouldn’t hesitate to give the mark to someone more “qualified”—like Cade Widtholm.

“There are no murders listed on his rap-sheet, Operator. I hardly think capturing him will be a problem.”

“That may be so, but a man wanted by the government will be even more dangerous. He’ll have nothing to lose once he knows you’re bringing him in. Anything you do to him will be peaceful compared to what the Federal Union will do.”

Mina touched her halo-monitor and the pixels moved and rearranged themselves taking the form of a picture. The picture was grainy and taken at a bad angle, but it was enough to make out a partial image of him. His hair was short, spiky and dark, his eyes indistinguishable, but his body was strong as steel. Her gut tightened at the sight; after all, most of her marks weren’t even human. It wasn’t often a hunter got time enough to play, let alone with someone so gorgeous. She all but rubbed her hands together in pleasure. She would plan something special for this mark.

“I’m taking the job,” Mina said, her voice holding no room for arguments.

The Operator sighed over the line. “Just be careful, hunter.”

“Always,” Mina said and disconnected the call with a soft beep.

With a smile she took out her notebook and began writing up notes. Her new mark was turning out to be better than she thought. Even Jackie “the fly” wanted for 651 counts of indecent exposure—a big deal when it happens in a church— was quite the catch.

Mina studied the blurry photograph of her new mark. The angle of his face showed a hard, smooth jaw-line and part of a perfectly kissable mouth. His hard body had her teeth gnawing on her lip in pleasure.

She would definitely be planning something special for him.