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Midnight Sex Shop

By T.A. Grey

Contemporary erotica books

A sinister rumor has sent Detective Lina Blackmoore into the infamous sex club—The Midnight Sex Shop. The club whose motto Your darkest desire is our only pleasure is under tight scrutiny when an anonymous call is made to Lina’s precinct alleging that the Midnight Sex Shop is selling child pornography. Lina discovers that the club is owned by the dark and handsome, Cade Vanderoth, who will only work with Lina for a price…her body.

Lina quickly learns that Cade Vanderoth is a sexual dream, a man who unravels her every sexual fantasy as if he could see straight into her. Lina succumbs to him, and in his arms, experiences her deepest, rawest of sexual fantasies. 

While passions bloom and love is realized, a dark presence lingers in the Midnight Sex Shop. As Lina struggles to solve the case, she begins to lose the battle over love. But can Lina learn to trust and can Cade overcome his inability to commit? Can these two hearts learn to mesh or will they falter and risk losing the greatest thing in life—love.

This sexy book features a lot of sexy voyeurism, m/m/f, and f/f/m scenes that are sure to crank up the heat!

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  • Publication Date: August 2011
  • Genre: Contemporary Erotica / Erotic Romance
  • Length: Novella ~31,000 words



Cade Vanderoth was not the overweight, short, balding pervert Lina had anticipated. Instead he was tall and lean with shoulders that filled the doorway he shadowed. Hair the color of a raven and looking as soft fell into unruly waves on his shoulders. He wore a black suit with a matching jacket that he left unbuttoned, revealing the soft white shirt underneath where several buttons were open. Lina was sure the suit cost more than her monthly rent.

What captured her attention most of all—what made her heart flutter in her chest and her nipples harden into little firm points—was his eyes. Eyes the color of a dark thunderstorm; a swirl of blue and gray so beautiful it stole her breath away. A square jaw and lightly tan skin made Cade Vanderoth into one fine man. A man to dream of at night.

“Detective…do come in.” His voice was pure silk and hot honey.

She didn’t know how she managed to make her legs work, but she did. He didn’t move out of the doorway, though. Instead he stepped to the side and made her brush past him. As she did, she took in his scent, which should be illegal. No man deserved to smell and look that good. It simply wasn’t fair. He smelled like dark, sexy man. She had the sudden urge to press her nose into his neck and just breathe.

Luckily his crisp voice reminded her of what she was here for.

“Have a seat.” He motioned to the chair across from his desk. Elegant and expensive, but not as flashy as she would have thought. He took the seat behind his desk, his body relaxed, but his expression was an unreadable mask.

Being a cop, she knew how to read postures and expressions, but this man’s façade never wavered. His eyebrows sat low, his lips closed and flat, his eyes bored.

“What do you want?”

He made the air in the room disappear and her clothes feel tighter. Lina closed her eyes and gathered her wits. She didn’t work her ass tooth and nail through the force to earn her detective badge and falter at the first handsome face.

“I’m on orders from Captain Drammer at the STPD. We’ve received a tip that some illegal activities may be going on here.”

Cade’s brow furrowed. “And?”

This time Lina’s brow furrowed. So far this was not going how she’d expected. “And the STPD, specifically Captain Drammer, would be very appreciative if you let us take a look around.”

“Tell me what you’ll be looking for exactly. Then I’ll decide whether I’ll let you look around my club, Detective. I’m sorry; I don’t think I caught your whole name, Ms…”

Something about his words, or the way he said them, had goosebumps breaking out over her skin. Her gut told her that her name on his lips could be dangerous. Lina ached to trace her fingers over the cool metal at her back. The weight of the gun always calmed her, made her feel in control.

“Detective Lina Blackmoore.” Her fingers tapped a quick beat on her thigh instead of reaching to shake his hand like she should have.

He may unnerve her, but she was fully alert. Alert enough to see his eyes follow the movement of her fingers. His pupils widened a fraction. Arousal, she wondered. Certainly that wasn’t hope that just fluttered in her chest.

Don’t be stupid, Lina.

“Lina…” The way he said her name sent a shiver down her spine. For a moment his eyes grew soft and hot and the look he gave her could have singed off her clothes. “What a beautiful name. It suits you.” She saw the sincerity in his eyes and didn’t like it.

She looked away quickly to hide the blush that crept over her. Dammit, she didn’t like being flustered. She was the one who pressed people not the other way around.