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Take Me

The Untouchables - Book 1

by T.A. Grey

Take Me The Untouchables #1 by T.A. Grey Bestselling paranormal erotic romance at ARe

From a USA TODAY Bestselling Author comes the first book in the suspenseful, erotic romance series: The Untouchables. In these woven paranormal novels, the illustrious royal vampire family, the Blackmoores, meet their new mates who come in unexpected forms.

She makes his blood burn

Dominic Blackmoore meets the woman who captures his mind and body with a look and he’s instantly taken with her. When he was ordered to take another mate quickly after separating from his ex, he loathed the idea. However, after catching sight of his bruid he quickly changes his mind. He finds her utterly captivating, sensually erotic, and yearns to learn everything about her.

But she’s not his bruid

The woman he’s mistaken as his bruid is none other than the event planner, Felicity Shaw, for his mating ceremony. Now Dominic will do everything it takes, even lie to the woman he craves, to keep her at his side. He needs to mate with his bruid in order to win his political campaign but he finds himself falling in love with Felicity Shaw. In the end he must choose between work or love. He may make the right decision, but is it too late to save his lies from hurting Felicity?

He takes her breath away

Felicity Shaw wants more in life. She’ll even lie to get it, which is exactly how she lands a job with the illustrious Blackmoore family. However, it’s the head of the vampire household, Dominic Blackmoore, that has her heart racing and breath catching. The man consumes her unlike anyone ever has before. She can’t resist him though she tries. As she’s forced to work with Dominic she tries to keep away from him but he doesn’t make things easy.

She may want him with a passion she’s never experienced before, but she will not be with him when he’s mating to another woman. It’s either her or no one. But one terrible lies seals their fates together in ways neither of them imagined, threatening their love and the very fabric of their relationship.



  • Series: The Untouchables
  • Publication Date: February 28th 2013
  • Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  • Length: Novel ~115,000 words



 “T. A. Grey’s “Take Me”—book 1 in her new series “The Untouchables—is a smartly crafted, highly erotic, and emotionally charged paranormal romance.  Grey deviates from her usual alternate-reality style in “Take Me” to suck readers into a destructive love triangle/quadrangle in a tempting almost-reality world.  Grey’s primary male character is domineering, sexy, yet sometimes clueless…basically a normal male.  Her primary female character is flawed, ambitious, and down-right normal.  Readers can identify with the characters’ feelings of pain, love, lust, loss, betrayal, and pure determination to overcome any obstacle.  Although “Take Me” was written for a paranormal genre, the overwhelming undercurrent of normalcy flowing through the world and themes draws the reader in and doesn’t let go.  Grey even created a villain so devious, so crazy, so sexy, so utterly broken that it is impossible to hate him.  Grey has worked hard to make this group of immortal bad boys anything but Untouchable…Yum!”  Copyright 2013 by Amber L. Barr ~Vampire and Immortal Books


"This girl knows how to write a flawed alpha male who steals your heart every time!! Dom and Felicity are truly opposite and met under the worst of circumstances, considering Dom is promised to another. But yet the sparks fly!! Neither one can resist each other and lies start piling up. Is there a chance for true love to win?"~Close Encounters of the Night Kind


"This novel was unforgettable, as many others stories from the great and talented T.A. Grey. I couldn't put the book down and I was thrown into a storming new adventure filled with sexy alpha males and crazy kick-ass chicks!" ~Proserping Craving


"Dominic Blackmoore remember that name because believe me after reading this book you won't forget it. I'm a big fan of T.A.Grey. I have read everything she has written so when I knew this book was coming out I couldn't wait to read it. And it has Vampires and Weres my two favourite things well add a third thing to that as it also has loads of sex scenes. And Oh my giddy heart is this book Hot the sex scenes are raw and sexy and i loved every minute of it, I can feel a cold shower coming on. ;)"


"This was a nice set up for the new series that hopefully will follow. We met all of the delicious and intriguing Blackmoore brothers. The writer brilliantly teases with sneaky little hints at the brothers stories. Vas, the dark and tortured brother, and I'm thinking that I already know where he's headed...and with which lady. Grayson promises to give me a story that will tug at my heart strings. Then there is Lucas...the wild and reckless rock star brother. His story has me intrigued already. I like this new world that T.A. Grey has created, and I'm sure to be visiting my favorite characters in each new book.

This exciting new series is sure to appeal to paranormal readers. It definitely got me on the hook and eagerly awaiting the next offering in the series. I highly recommend this book." ~Night Owl Romance




“You made the wrong choice, Felicity.”

Strong hands surrounded her, brought her body flush against his. There was no mistaking the hard prod pressed into her back.

Felicity gasped, struggling to control the need burning inside her like fire. “We can’t.”

Long-fingered hands swept up to cup her breasts—the touch possessive as Dominic Blackmoore molded the flesh. She shivered, her knees nearly giving out. She might have fallen if not for his hold on her.

“Yes we can, and yes we are. I’m not waiting any longer.” His voice held no room for argument. He’d finally decided. This was really going to happen. Could she stop it even if she really wanted to?

His hands released her and reason came flooding back with it, her last chance to resist. No, they couldn’t do this. So many lives would be destroyed including her own. She shoved hard against his chest knocking him off balance with the action. She didn’t hesitate, but sprinted down the hall and away from him. She had to get out of here. She had to get outside. If she could only make it outside she could escape.

She slowed as she rounded through the kitchen, her stupid heels slipping on the marble tiles. But she didn’t have time to damn her poor choice in shoes because a hard, heavy body slammed into her back.

Rough hands caught hers, planted them above her head on the garage door. She was already panting and he hadn’t even touched her yet. Her eyes squeezed shut—this was so wrong and yet she craved his touch with every fiber of her being.

“I’m done waiting. We end this torture now,” he said, a growl covering the words.

A shiver swept down her spine, and she couldn’t catch her breath. Her body burned like the sun blazed around her and her core was wet, aching. She gave into him then—into his addicting caresses. It was so much easier than fighting it. She shouldn’t do it, but she’d never wanted anything more in her life.

“Dom,” she murmured. The name that had been haunting her for what felt like an eternity. The name she hated as much as she loved.

Her skirt slid to her ankles at his touch. Her fingers curved into the door as cool air touched her bare bottom; her underwear hid nothing from his gaze. She could feel it burning into her skin like beams of light. Those addicting hands caressed her bottom, squeezed, and plumped.

“You have the greatest ass, sweets.” He groaned deep in his throat as he tucked his fingers inside her panties and sent the black satin fluttering down around her ankles.

A heavy pulse beat between her legs. An equal weight beat in her heart...for him. No matter wrong this was, she wanted it. She wanted him. He swept her hair over one shoulder, baring her neck to him. A wicked thrill shot up her spine and she arched her neck for him—a small taunt, beckoning him, daring him to take from her. He growled so much louder, and she heard the hiss of his zipper so loud in the quiet house.

“Don’t tempt me, Felicity. Not now. My control is at an end and I will take your vein.” His voice was as deep as a pit.

Her body relaxed, a smile crossing her mouth, and her eyes fluttered shut. “I trust you, Dom.” His voice always held magic over her and like a wand he could cast it and make everything better.

Another groan, this one deeper and impatient. She wondered what he thought of her words. Would he do it? Would he finally take from her?

Hot hands spanned her waist, sliding down to cup her hips and arch her back towards him. It only figures that their first time would be like this with her chest planted against the door and her back to him—so submissive.

His hard shaft dipped over her drenched folds eliciting a moan from her dry lips. This was it. This was the moment she’d craved from the very first day she met him. She’d finally have him, finally know what it felt like to have him moving inside her.

An eternity passed and then he found her entrance and slowly pushed his way inside. He spread her, the pressure so intense it bordered on pain. Her forehead fell into the door as her body adjusted around his length. He glided inside her using her slick arousal from her traitorous body.

He pressed hot open-mouthed kisses over her neck while his tongue sucked and teased her. He did not move but kept himself buried hard and full inside her. A shocked cry tore from her throat, one mingled with pain and pleasure. And his hands, those cursed, wonderful hands, entwined with hers on the door, securing her place in his arms. Caging her so she couldn’t run.

Then he started moving. Gentle, but unforgiving in long, pounding strokes that dragged through her tight muscles, awakening warmth and erotic pleasure she’d never felt before.
“Dom.” Her breathing hitched.

Each stroke she felt down to her soul. Her heart had never beat so fast, and when her body couldn’t burn any hotter, couldn’t handle any more of the wet hard glide quickening inside her, it locked tight around his cock. With a rush of bittersweet pleasure, she exploded around him.

Vision fled, thoughts fled. She was suspended in a moment of time as he plummeted into her again and again.

He cursed in a ragged voice. “Felicity, fuck. I can’t,” he said in gasps. He landed deep then grinded his hips against her. “I can’t stop.”

Before she knew what he meant, he broke the skin of her neck with his fangs. The two sharp points sank inside, breaking skin. Strange warmth flooded the surface around the wound like a little sunburn yet it did not hurt. She could feel his mouth working against her and the sensation crashed into her shooting out her own fangs. Her fading pleasure spiked once more and her body bowed into his until they were in perfect sync: him commanding her body and her submitting to him.

He surged inside her faster, harder until the sounds of pounding flesh and ragged breathing echoed in the room. Growling deep, he wrapped his hands around her waist to hold her to him.

She shouldn’t like it. It was all so very wrong. But she never wanted him to stop.

Then his warm mouth locked tight to the wound on her neck, and he planted his cock deep spurting his release on a husky growl. His fangs dislodged then as his tongue licked at the wound to seal it. That quickly it was over.

They caught their breaths as the aftermath started to creep in. Felicity’s mind still hadn’t returned to normal. She knew she should be running right now, but she wanted this so badly—these few moments of them together, closer than they’d ever been. Her heart was leaping in her chest reminding her of how deep she had it for this man.

“So beautiful,” he said, kissing her shoulder. “So perfect.”

He caressed her collarbone. His touch was gentle, lingering. He reached down and cupped one breast then the other before caressing her stomach and trailing down until his fingers curled around where he was still planted deep and firm inside her. His fingers caressed her wet swollen flesh, dipping and sliding along her lips and bud.

The sound of the front door opening and slamming closed was like a bucket of ice water thrown on her face. In a flash, Felicity righted her clothes but she couldn’t quite keep the tears of hurt from coming to her eyes.

“How could you?”

It took even less time than she would have expected to see regret flash across his face. That alone made her flinch like she’d taken a punch to the gut. His head jerked towards the front of the house at the sound of high heels coming their way.

“You know how I feel, Felicity. God damn it!” As if that made any of this better. As if that erased her shame or changed anything.

He pulled his pants up and with a little adjusting managed to make his suit look neatly pressed as if he’d just put it on. Even his hair looked freshly combed and smooth, not a single hair out of place. She had no doubt how she looked though—like she’d just been fucked against a door.

He knew where this would lead them, how this would hurt her. Yet he did it anyway, he touched her. A tear she couldn’t contain slid down her cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb, his face softening.

“Don’t cry, sweets.”

She couldn’t stand the endearment. Not now, not when her whole heart was breaking.

The footsteps came closer for which she thanked the stars. It helped her to get her bearings and move, no easy feat after feeling him inside her body for the first time.

“Don’t ever touch me again,” she said, not meeting his eyes. She meant it and she knew he heard the conviction in her voice. He’d never touch her again after that. She was done.

Quickly, she slipped in the garage door. She knew she should flee but some sickness inside her made her pause outside the door. She stayed silent and listened.

“Ah, there you are. I didn’t know if you were here yet,” a warm, feminine voice said.

“Julianna, it’s good to see you.” She could hear the smile in Dom’s voice and knew it was forced. The sound of kissing was like a lethal blow to her heart. She staggered back a step as her heart stopped beating for one agonizing moment. She’d bet money that Julianna didn’t know that his smile was forced, the kiss not real.

She probably didn’t know anything about him and, if she did, it didn’t matter because no one loved Dom like she did. No one. Not even his Julianna, the woman he was to mate with—his bruid.

Another tear slid down her cheek. She wanted to sob but first she had to escape. She could never be around Dom again; no matter how much she loved him or what he promised. Yet, a part of her knew the thought was fruitless. He would never leave her alone now. He’d find her. He wouldn’t give up on her. It was in his nature.

But he didn’t love her.

And he was mating with another woman.

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