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Merely Immortal

The Untouchables - Book 3

by T.A. Grey

The Untouchables #3 by T. A. Grey

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author T. A. Grey comes the third book in the captivating paranormal erotic romance series: The Untouchables. Magic, action, and a mistaken identity leads to troubling outcomes in this explosive novel where the royal Blackmoore men are anything but Untouchable.

Lucas Blackmoore. Rockstar and all around playboy, doesn’t know what to think of the mysterious young were who happens into his life. But he knows one thing—he must help her.

Evie reminds him of a human whom he’d had far too much affection for—a woman whose life ended abruptly. Struggling with guilt over her death, Lucas’ mourning gets an unexpected interruption when newfound emotions blossom over Evie. He should be mourning not feeling hot under the collar, yet that’s exactly what’s happening. What he needs to do is keep his icy touch to himself, but all he aches to do is lay a single finger on her body.

With no memories to speak of, Evie, a newly transformed werewolf, needs help to discover what happened to her and to find out who or what bit her. As the infamous and wealthy Blackmoore family steps in to help Evie through her battle, things take a turn for the dark and titillating. Creatures, not quite were, not quite vampire are after her and one has marked her for its own. What are these hideous creatures and what do they want with Evie?

For Evie to remember what happened to her, she must walk a dangerous tightrope that entails far more seduction than she could have anticipated. The vampire, Lucas Blackmoore, calls to her somewhere deep within her blood. When she closes her eyes, she dreams of him and yearns for his touch. She doesn’t know how long she can resist him when he looks at her with those dark, hooded eyes. One touch might just be the downfall of them all, and she’s not sure why she should bother resisting when touching him feels so right…

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  • Series: The Untouchables #3
  • Publication Date: Oct. 31, 2015
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Length: Novel



"Merely Immortal is another winning book from T.A. Grey. I enjoyed this exciting and suspenseful second chance for Lucas and Beth.

Lucas Blackmoore is grieving for his lost love. Beth was supposedly long gone, as in dead, obliterated in an explosion that rocked the Blackmoore estate. Then Evie, a mysterious female Were, shows up with absolutely no memory about her identity or why she and Lucas feels a strange pull toward each other. Danger and intrigue follow as someone else has big plans for the mystery woman and Lucas feels compelled to keep her safe.

This story was incredibly well written. The plot was so intricate and extra special romantic. I just knew the main couple were meant to be together. The story moved along at a fast pace and the subplots were very involved. It had a suspenseful mystery that makes it a very important book in The Untouchables Series. Evie had a deep connection to Lucas but the mysterious witch who helped her turned out to have a crucial link to another key character in the series. Then there was also something going on with Vas, the fourth Blackmoore brother whose book is up next. So there was a lot going on and all of it was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat with my Kindle clenched tightly in my hands from start to finish.

I really liked the magical romance of this story!" ~Night Owl Reviews, 4/5 stars!



Evie peered at him curiously, then gave him a genuine smile.

“I had the most vivid dreams. When I woke up I thought I was still dreaming. Do you ever have dreams like that?”

His mouth was so dry the skin felt cracked. At first he didn’t understand why and then it hit him. With the force of a tidal wave. A wave of her arousal.

She was turned on.

Hot damn…

His body responded immediately, instantly, unequivocally ready to do as she pleased, when she wanted it, however she needed it. His body’s answer was simply yes, yes, yes!

Her intoxicating aroma flooded the room. Her heady lust-filled scent packed a hell of a distended with need—the need to puncture—to suck on her.

“Did you hear me?” Evie asked, tugging on the front of his shirt. “Do you ever have vivid dreams like that? Dreams so real you wake up thinking you’re still dreaming?” Her smile made his head feel wonky as it wasn’t quite on straight.

“Y-yeah.” His voice was suddenly garbled. “I think I do.”

She smiled up at him, pleased with his answer. Yet, her hand didn’t retract from his body. It played idly with the front of his shirt, close to his naval, even closer to the fly on his jeans where his cock strained for her touch. He was hard the moment he smelled the arousal in her scent.

“It’s so warm in here.” She fanned the nightgown’s collar.

He tried to tear his gaze away but wasn’t quick enough—he caught a glimpse of full, bare, heavy, beautiful breasts. He slammed his eyes closed and tried to remember all the reasons this situation shouldn’t be happening.

Because you just lost Beth, you asshole. Way to fuck over the memory of your mate.

Because it’s unprofessional as hell. She needs your help, not your cock.

Fuck. But what if she did need his cock? He bit back a groan.

Biting his lip until pain flared, Lucas opened his eyes once again.

Bad idea.

The worst.

She was staring up at him. Eyes soft and doe-eyed, lips puffy and parted, and what were those eyes trained on? Him and his mouth.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

He knew he should beat feet straight out of here, but her slight, oh-so-gentle hold on his shirt felt like a massive amount of gravity rooting him in place. Or so he told himself.

“Stop looking at me that way.” He swallowed a lump in his throat.

She blinked slowly, long pretty eyelashes fluttering like a butterfly’s wings, then she gave him a tender, wicked smile. The corner of her mouth ever so gently slid upward. She knew how she affected him dammit and she enjoyed. That was the wicked look she gave him.

“I can’t help it,” she admitted.

Her thighs rubbed against each other releasing more of her scent into the room. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and caught the erotic aroma of her arousal. Thick and enticing it took all his willpower not to order her to open her legs so he could dive between her them and find out just how tasty her center was. She would be delicious. His mouth watered which at least helped his dry throat.

His mind struggled to keep up with the conversation. “Did you say something?”

“Why do I want to kiss you so badly right now, Lucas?”

Breaths charging, Lucas whipped a band of sweat from his brow. “Hormones. It’s just the hormones. They’re flooding your system because of your recent transformation.”

“Oh?” she all but purred. Her fingers dipped into his shirt to prod the muscles of his stomach. She kneaded him like a cat might. “Tell me more.”

Tell her about what again?

Oh, right, the hormones.

“Yeah, after transforming, Weres will often experience a flood of hormones of all kinds. They can affect you in different ways. I’m sure being bitten by a powerful Were like you were gives you even more hormones to experience.”


Just barely, her finger flicked up under his shirt to caress his skin. His stomach flexed hard. Her hands were so damned hot. His eyelids wanted to flutter closed. He wanted to let her touch him everywhere—anywhere she wanted. Fuck, he couldn’t let her. This wasn’t right. If this were due to the hormones then she’d regret anything she did right now.

He had to stop this.

But he couldn’t make himself jerk her hand away.

He was losing it. Big time. He was as susceptive to her touch as a dying plant was to water.

“You really shouldn’t touch me,” he warned, his voice gravelly.

“Or else what, Luc?” her soft voice beckoned. “What will you do…?”

More petting sensations. Fingers stroking his abdomen and pressing into his muscle and long, sharp nails scraping him erotically.

He needed someone to come get him for someone to come bang on the door to interrupt him, because he was about to make a terrible, horrible mistake.

If only his damned phone would ring. He was about to let it happen, about to make a stupid fucking mistake. Because he was helpless to touch her.

He waited for as long as he could, but no one came, and not a single sound was made outside the room.

Evie sat up perfectly level with his hips and placed a kiss against his shirt right near the same spot she’d been touching. Erotically, slowly she began to raise his shirt, every now and then casting her gaze upward to watch him. Her eyes showed arousal and curiosity—would he stop her?

Even he didn’t know the answer to that question.

The shirt made up past his naval and then her mouth was on his stomach.

His breath hissed sharply.

Sensations ricocheted through his body, his cock hard before, fully lengthened as his fangs throbbed needing so much to be buried inside her body—in more ways than one.

“Evie, this isn’t a good idea,” he growled. Another warning.

She ignored it completely; rubbing her cheek instead against his stomach, then lower against fly of his jeans.

His heartbeat pounded a thunderous rhythm. Her warm breath trickled across his bare skin and a shiver wracked over him. His hands formed fists as they ached to thread through her hair. Her hair looked so soft and beautiful, he ached to touch it, to memorize it.

Her lips, those full pouty lips oh-so-gently scraped down his zipper and across the swelling he tried to keep hidden.

Lucas’ head fell backwards barely keeping a groan in check. His fingers twitched to feel her hair, but before he could touch a single strand of it, he forced his hands back down at his sides.

“We shouldn’t do this, Evie.”

Her gaze darted up to meet his; they were foggy with lust. She licked her lips at him in such a way he could feel his balls ache—fuuuck.

She smiled at him.

He blinked. Confusion rolled with the lust, creating a strange concoction in his brain—for what little blood remained up there. He swore he’d seen fangs in her mouth. But even Weres didn’t have fangs. After a blink, he looked again, but they were gone, a mere figment of his imagination.

But the confusion had worked its role. Lucas finally took a step back and broke her touch.

Pouting, she reached after him. “Don’t go.”

Words any man would love to hear from a beautiful woman he wanted.

But he couldn’t touch her. There were too many reasons why.

“I’m sorry,” was all he said. Was all he could say.

Lucas backed away until he felt the door at his spine. He opened it without a word but took a long look back at the aroused woman who wanted him. Somehow he found the strength to make himself leave. It was one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do.