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The Silent Princess
"The MacKellan Alphas" Book 2

The Silent Princess erotic romance by T. A. Grey

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"Her writing style and attention to detail grabs the reader from the very beginning and never lets go."

~Vampire and Immortal Books
"Grey's exceptional character development and emotional depth demonstrate her tremendous growth as a writer."

~Vampire and Immortal Books
"....an epic adventure of love and determination that will leave you swearing, crying and cheering all in the space of a few hours!"

~ Guilty Pleasures Reviews
"I have yet to find a series I have enjoyed reading as much as these books."

~Night Owl Reviews
"The Loneliest Alpha is one of my favorite books this year."

~Night Owl Reviews

Author T. A. Grey erotic romance author

Merely Immortal

The Untouchables - Book 3

The Untouchables #3 by T. A. Grey

In the third installment in The Untouchables dark, paranormal universe....one brother finds love in an unusual woman...

Lucas Blackmoore. Rockstar and all around playboy, doesn’t know what to think of the mysterious young were who happens into his life. But he knows one thing—he must help her.

Evie reminds him of a human whom he’d had far too much affection for—a woman whose life ended abruptly. Struggling with guilt over her death, Lucas’ mourning gets an unexpected interruption when newfound emotions blossom over Evie. He should be mourning not feeling hot under the collar, yet that’s exactly what’s happening. What he needs to do is keep his icy touch to himself, but all he aches to do is lay a single finger on her body.

With no memories to speak of, Evie, a newly transformed werewolf, needs help to discover what happened to her and to find out who or what bit her. As the infamous and wealthy Blackmoore family steps in to help Evie through her battle, things take a turn for the dark and titillating. Creatures, not quite were, not quite vampire are after her and one has marked her for its own. What are these hideous creatures and what do they want with Evie?

For Evie to remember what happened to her, she must walk a dangerous tightrope that entails far more seduction than she could have anticipated. The vampire, Lucas Blackmoore, calls to her somewhere deep within her blood. When she closes her eyes, she dreams of him and yearns for his touch. She doesn’t know how long she can resist him when he looks at her with those dark, hooded eyes. One touch might just be the downfall of them all, and she’s not sure why she should bother resisting when touching him feels so right…

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“I said what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird ever since you saw my blood drawn.”

And just like that, the air thickened. As if a switch had been thrown. The air strained between them like a balloon filled with too much air.

Lucas shook his head as if he couldn’t believe what she just asked him. Growing irritated, Evie sat up and prepared for what felt like an inevitable argument. When it came, she wasn't ready for it.

Sarcasm dripped from his voice. “Babe, you don’t know what my problem is? I’m a vampire.” He paused for a moment. “I drink blood for a living and yours…” he trailed off, disgust on his face.

What was so offensive about her blood? Was it because she was a Were? The jab stuck her where it hurt.

“What about my blood? What’s so bad about it?”

He slammed the car to a stop. She yelped at the sudden movement. They were in the middle of the road, isolated with nothing but quiet streets surrounding them and not a car in sight. Evie’s pulse pounded. She was certain he could hear it.

Lucas leaned closer, his golden brown eyes sucking her deep into their depths. She found herself drifting closer, eyes softening, lips parting…legs spreading unconsciously at his nearness. His charged breaths beat the air between them. His hot gaze ran from her eyes to her mouth.

“What about it?" he repeated, leaning closer. Only inches separated them.

“Baby, I wanted to lick you up.” His voice was deep, a sensuous tenor as smooth as velvet; it rolled over her flesh making her shiver, turning her breasts into hefty weights needing to be cradled. Between her legs she grew uncomfortable.